Fellow Synergy enthusiasts: I’ve created a new partial alternative to the Kaypro SYNHCS application for uploading voices from a SYNHCS style voice library to my Synergy. It runs on both Mac and Windows and supports loading CRT or SYN files to the Synergy and saving SYN files from it.

Grab a copy at https://chinenual.github.io/synergize/ and let me know what you think.

This is its first release and I’m calling it “beta” quality. Serial IO to my Synergy is generally reliable, but I do occasionally have problems and need to retry an operation - or sometimes resort to restarting the application. Still it’s working pretty reliably for me - I’m using it day to day and making music without the bugs getting in my way. Hope it’s useful to others as well.

If there’s sufficient interest, I may continue to add functionality - e.g., more detailed view of oscillator and filter parameters, possibly even a full fledged voice editor. But that depends on your feedback (and my free time…). For now, I hope that at least those without a Kaypro or physical Cart library will find this a convenient way to load new sounds into their Synergy.