Tired of the six factory library carts? How ‘bout adding thousands of voices originally written for the DX7? Synergize version 2.5.0 adds a conversion feature that convert Yamaha DX7 SYX files to Synergy CRT and VCE files. Since the two synthesizers do not share identical synthesis pathways, the conversion is approximate. Even so, it is possible to mine the great number of available DX voices and convert to useable Synergy voices. Some can be played without any further tweaking; some can provide a starting point for more Synergy experimentation. Props to Don Turnock for doing most of the heavy lifting in analyzing the DX voicing algorithms and developing the conversion to Synergy VCE. As usual, this release also fixes a few bugs and improves the voice editor (adds a tab to view the factory .DOC files, better support for the oscillator “gain” functionality in the TouchOSC control surface). See the Release Notes for details. https://chinenual.github.io/synergize/docs/release-notes