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I’ve released a new version of the MIDIRecorder with improved support for “percussion” gates to the VCV Library. If a track’s V/OCT input is not connected, the recorder now defaults to MIDI C4 (so for drums, only a GATE input is necessary). When a polyphonic gate is connected, but no V/OCT, then each channel of the GATE gets a unique MIDI note pitch.

A new module, DrumMap, converts input percussion/drum gate inputs to pitch outputs corresponding to user-selectable General MIDI conventions. Use it to produce a polyphonic “drum track” with MIDIRecorder, or connect it directly to an external drum machine or DAW with VCV core’s CV-MIDI.

Click on the input pair label to change the MIDI note to be associated with that gate.

Produces three polyphonic outputs V/Oct, Gate and Vel suitable for directly importing into the MIDIRecorder or sent out through CV-MIDI.