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I’ve released two more modules for VCV Rack:

The Tintinnabulator produces a harmonized pitch from an input chord and melody using Arvo Pärt-style tintinnabulation where a harmony note is selected from a reference chord. Pärt’s music tends to use simple triads for his tintinnabulation but the module allows you to specify any set of notes as the reference.

The module supports several variants of the harmonization - select first available pitch or next one, in both upwards or downwards direction. Also supports bidirectional tintinnabulation, where every other note switches between upward or downwards selection. An Octave offset can be used to offset the harmony up or down from the reference melody line.

NoteMeter is a polyphonic metering module that displays note names from V/Oct inputs. If the input voltage does not align exactly with a note voltage it indicates the deviance from the closest note as “cents”.